Web-InTouch for The Hall School is for all past pupils at the School, as well as for past staff and parents, to provide ways for you to contact each other.

It also links with the existing main Hall School Web site

Welcome to the Hall School Alumni site.

This is The Hall's Online facility, which is about re-establishing and building friendships between past members and other supporters of The Hall School in Hampstead.

All Alumni are invited to join. Those from an earlier period who wish to join are invited to contact me on the alumni email address or by letter to the school.(details below).

When you first log in, the service will ask you to check some basic information that we hold for you. Every time you log in after that, it will remember who you are and display your contemporaries. It will also show you who has changed or added information since you last logged in.

You can add photos and as much information as you wish to keep others informed of your activities that may prove interesting for them.

If you have not received registration details, please email the office on alumni@hallschool.co.uk When logged in as a Member you can:

- check and change your own details
- search for friends from the past, other members in your area or with similar interests
- view information about forthcoming events and book tickets
- post your own pictures
- and more...

Unregistered alumni from the school can contact
the Alumni office on 0207 449 4341
You may leave a message on this number
or contact me by email on alumni@hallschool.co.uk to access registration details.

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All details are held securely by Web-InTouch and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.
Your details will not be passed to other organisations or used for any other purposes.

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