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10 year leavers' reunion - year of 2008
If you left the Hall in the summer of 2008 it is your turn to celebrate your ten year reunion.

On Wednesday 7th March 2018 we are inviting you to meet up with old friends, teachers and collegues from your years at The Hall.

Make a note in your diary and make sure we have your contact details so that we can incude you on the guest list.

We would like to invite all your parents also but don't have everyone's contact details so please do forward their email addresses to us.

Guest List:
Guest List:
Anderson, Kirsty, Miss Staff
Armes, Susie, Mrs Staff
Armes, Tim, Mr Friend of The Hall School
Balfour-Lynn, Harry , Mr Alumni
Barr, Peter , Mr Alumni
Beller, Jesse, Mr Alumni
Blackburn, Max , Mr Alumni
Boom, Oliver, Mr Alumni
Chapman, Paul, Mr Staff
Choa, Henry , Mr Alumni
Clark, Michael , Mr Alumni
Clark, Michael Anthony, Mr Alumni
Clarke, Rob, Mr Staff
Cohen, Marcus, Mr Alumni
de Lacey, Honey, Ms Former Staff
Dean, Oliver, Mr Alumni
Denehan, Edward, Mr Alumni
Duncan, Margot, Miss Staff
Elwing, Nils , Mr Alumni
Finn, Peter, Mr Staff
Fitzmaurice, Michael, Mr Staff
Friend, Nicholas , Mr Alumni
Geoghegan, Alexander, Mr Alumni
Gibbs, Rufus, Mr Alumni
Gilbey Mackenzie, Carl, Mr Staff
Gill, Nicky, Mrs Staff
Godwin, Christopher, Mr Headmaster
Godwin, Sue, Dr Staff,
Gordon, Richard, Mr Staff, Current parent
Green, Alexander, Mr Alumni
Green, Frederick, Mr Alumni
Green, Theodore , Mr Alumni
Gripari, Dimitri, Mr Alumni
Hadjipateras, Constantine, Mr Alumni
Hanway, William, Mr Alumni
Hardless, Lorna, Ms Former Staff
Hauer-King, Jonah , Mr Alumni
Hewitt, Jake , Mr Alumni
Jourdan, Samuel Gamble, Mr Alumni
Khan, Abdullah , Mr Alumni
Khan, Abdullah Iqbal, Mr Alumni
Khan, Mohammed , Mr Alumni
Khan, Mohammed Iqbal, Mr Alumni
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